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Weekend in Munich

Weekend in Munich

This was the second visit of Munich for both of us. Our first trips were separate and work-related, so each of us barely saw the city. This trip, on the other hand, was extra special. It was a last minute decision, but so very worth it.

This year, we knew we wouldn’t travel much. I had no idea how my pregnancy will go and how I’ll be feeling. We didn’t plan almost any travel for the spring. And we know that summer will be spent close to home since the baby is due in August. Our last trip took us to Berlin last August, and we were looking forward to visiting an (almost) new place after so many months.

This trip was extra special and made us even more eager to go because we were meeting with a friend whom we haven’t seen for a few years. We planned to catch up, talk for hours, stroll the city, and try all kinds of good food and coffee. And that’s exactly what we did. We strolled from a cafe to a restaurant to a cafe to a restaurant, talking and eating our way through Munich.

I have almost no pictures from Munich itself. But we were eating in a few fantastic places all over the city and even without pictures of interiors or food I would love to share a few favorites with you. I believe that you cannot go wrong with this places, be it for their location, atmosphere, quality of food or all of the above.

After all of our travels, I save my favorite places on Google maps, to recommend them to friends, or to visit them next time I’m in the city. And a couple of weeks ago, I added 5 new stars to my Munich map to mark these five places!

Daddy Longlegs

This small stylish cafe is located in university district and thus full of students and youngsters working on their laptops. They serve smoothies, acai bowls, quinoa bowls, good coffee, and homemade cakes. We had breakfast here on our first morning in Munich, and if the cafe were located in university district here in Brussels, we would be regulars. 😉

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

I don’t think I’ll be ever staying in such a luxurious 5-star hotel as this one, but I would rather stay elsewhere and go for a drink to its rooftop bar/restaurant. Prices are, well, 5-star, but so is the view! It’s a nice treat to spend an hour here on a warm spring/summer evening, sipping a drink and chatting with friends. We felt like on top of the world or at least on top of Munich!

Hotel Bayerischer Hof


To find this cafe/bistro you need to know where to look. The entrance and outside terrasse are in an enclosed courtyard. We stopped here for a light lunch of traditional German delicacy – Flammkuchen. The food we delicious and we loved the quite terrasse.

Oskar Maria Brasserie

The Oscar Maria brasserie occupies beautiful, high-ceiling, ground floor space of the Munich’s Literaturhaus. Floor to ceiling doors covering one wall of the building are completely open on warm days, connecting inside and outside seating.


You can find the Italian food market/restaurant Eataly, right next to the Munich’s famous outdoor market Viktualienmarkt. Just walking through the market made us salivate, so it wasn’t difficult to decide to stay for lunch 😉 I love the concept of selling quality ingredients and giving people chance to taste best Italian delicacies made with them in the same spot.