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Small Bedroom: Inspiration and Design

Small Bedroom: Inspiration and Design

We have a very enjoyable responsibility right now, to furnish an apartment. I was looking for an inspiration left and right, browsing the Internet, scrolling through Instagram, leafing through magazines, bookmarking catalogs, and visiting shops. There are many styles I like, images I saved, visions I have for our bedroom. There are only two limiting things. The bedroom is quite small, and we are doing things remotely.

Long before our apartment building was finished and we got the keys I started to save images of spaces I liked. When I look back at it, it’s a mix of styles, colors, and themes. We were debating whether to mix styles in different rooms of the apartment or whether to keep it the same. In the end, we decided for a consistent look throughout the apartment, since it’s rather small. Also, if the door to the bedroom is open, it’s all one space.

In a small bedroom, there’s only space for the basics. We’ll have a built-in wardrobe, double bed, night stands, and that’s it. To add it a bit of color, style, and personality we’ll add pictures, night lamps and hopefully a wall mirror. Unfortunately, there’s no space for a dresser or a small armchair.


From the images I saved as an inspiration, we selected those that reflect what we both want our space to look like. It’s clear that we navigate towards minimalistic style, neutral color scheme, and natural materials. The final design is full of different tones of gray, light blue, sand, white and natural light wood.

bedroom design inspiration

Image & design by: @em_henderson, @mrorlandosoria, @byidaryding, @aedetails


Based on the inspiration pictures I looked for the products in the stores, I like and came up with a list of items we would like to buy for the bedroom. I put it all together in a collage, to have a visual representation of our design goal. It took me hours to put the collage together. I never imagined it would take such a long time and in the end, I realized the items aren’t properly scaled, but be it. I still like it 😉

our bedroom design

Currently, we are half way through finishing the bedroom. We bought the bed, linens, pillow cases and night stands. We also selected images which will be above the bed. They are from our trip to the USA this past spring. And the rest of the things are on a long list of items to buy/order.

We are also in the process of designing the built-in wardrobe, discussing measurements and colors, and looking for a company which will build it. We have our next trip to Bratislava planned, tickets bought and to-do lists ready. In one weekend we hope to check as many things off as possible.

It’s challenging to plan everything remotely, but it’s also fun. And it’s not big of a problem. In this day and age, when I can get inspiration from all over the world, look for the furniture, pre order things, and hire constructors online, it’s doable. It only takes much more time to do it remotely than it would if we were there.

So, this is the design and plan for the bedroom. We still have the kitchen-living area to plan, shop, and finish. I’ll share more about it next time.

You can find the products from our design here: carpet, bed, night stands, night lamps, gray pillow cases, natural pillows, dark gray bed linens, bed cover, picture frames, lamp shade.

Until next time…Do you have an experience with furnishing a small apartment? Do you have any advice for us?