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What I’ve Been Reading in April

What I’ve Been Reading in April

Another month’s book recap is here! With much more beautiful whether it’s often more challenging to keep on reading the books since there are so many outdoor activities, one can do. But, there are also plenty of occasions to grab a book and enjoy a bit of sun on a terrace in the city center, or on a bench in a park.

In Brussels whenever the sun is shining, and temperatures are nearing twenty degrees Celsius people live outside. The city center is full to the brim with tourist and locals alike. Every cafe, brasserie, or restaurant with a bit of space up front will place as many tables outside as possible. Parks and there are plenty of them here in Brussels, are the best meeting places for a picnic with friends and a little sun-bathing session. Belgians know how to enjoy a nice sunny day, most probably because there aren’t too many of them in a year.

In the past month, we were lucky enough to have a few really nice, warm, and sunny weekends which we enjoyed fully. Exploring new cafes, mostly with a book in hand 😉

So, here goes the recap of books I read in April and in case you’re interested here you can find the books I devoured in January, February, and March.

Mimi Malloy, At Last! by Julia MacDonnell

Mimi Malloy is divorced, recently retired mother of six. She is also one of the six beautiful Sheehan sisters, daughters of immigrants living in Boston area. Sheehan’s lost their mother after she gave birth to last one of them and then the sisters lived for a short period with their father and step-mother. After their father’s death and other sad events in the family, they lived with their grandmother. Now, Mimi tries to uncover long-repressed memories of her childhood and of the sister they had lost.

The story started slowly but then picked up in speed as well as twists. In conclusion, I found it sad in places, intriguing all the way through, and lovely in the end.

You can find the book here.


The Little Women Letters by Gabrielle Donnelly

Emma, Lulu, and Sophie are the fourth generation of descendants of Jo March (a character from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women book). They are in their twenties, living in London, and going through their own love and life adventures. They were never particularly interested in their family’s history, until now. When Lulu starts to read old letters Jo sent her sisters Meg and Amy more than a century ago. She starts to see how the life then and now is similar, how she and her sisters experience many similar experiences as March sisters went through.

The book is a lovely read, no matter whether you read The Little Women or not. References to the March sisters from The Little Women books are sparse, and the retrieved letters will help you understand what was happening at the end of 19th century.

I liked the idea of building the characters of this book on other fictional characters. And since I liked The Little Women and read them several times, I was well aware of similarities and connections between characters in 21st and 19th century.

All in all, it’s a lovely read, and an ideal summer vacation read. You can find the book here.

In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It by Lauren Graham

The book contains an extended version of commemoration speech Lauren Graham gave at her alma mater Langley High School at graduation day of class 2017. The book is very short, and you’ll read in under an hour. I was a bit disappointed by the book-length, but I still liked it. I would love for it to be longer.

With actors and actresses, you never know who they are, or how they talk only by watching them perform. In a commemoration speech, Lauren Graham recalls her experience from high school and later in career.

She’s addressing the never-ending feeling of missing out, not being enough, running to reach the top. But she’s wise, matured, and experienced. She knows that the highlights of career and life are few and far between and that matter most is to enjoy all in between moments. And not to worry so much!

You can find this short and encouraging book here.


A Little Love by Amanda Prowse

A Little Love (No Greater Love Book 4) by [Prowse, Amanda]Pru Plum grew up in a low-income family, but with dedication, she and her cousin built up a successful bakery in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in London. Throughout her life, she endured many tragedies and hardships, and now, her life is turned upside down once again.

Pru needs to face her past and accept that you cannot change decisions you made decades ago. But even through personal struggles, Pru stays true to herself and is helping others who need encouragement and a place to stay.

The book reads fluently and easily, and it combines predictable events with surprises. It’s a nice story about love, loss, and strength.

This is one of many novels written by Amanda Prowse, and I’m looking forward to checking her other books.

You can find the book here.

Do you have any book recommendation? Is there a book you cannot wait to read waiting on your nightstand? Share in the comments below, I’m always looking for book recommendations!