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Living Room Mood Board

Living Room Mood Board

Some time ago I shared a blog post with beautiful living rooms which serve as an inspiration in designing our living room. I also shared some of the designers I like and whose accounts and blogs I follow and recently you could have seen how we plan to design our bedroom. Today I would like to share a mood board for our living room.

The apartment we are furnishing is rather small, but it has a ton of light and an open floor plan which results in a rather airy space. Well, it at least seems so now, while it’s still relatively empty. We would like to keep it that way and add a minimum furniture but still have a beautiful, comfortable and inviting space there. Since we don’t live in this apartment permanently, we are opting for good quality pieces which are reasonably priced.

Since the apartment is compact, we keep the color palette throughout the rooms similar. We rely on neutral colors like white, light and dark gray, dark wood, beige, light blue, etc., especially for big pieces of furniture and wall paint. We can always bring in more color and brighten the space with colorful art or decorations.


Small Apartment in Gothenburg

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A few weeks ago I shared pictures of living areas we liked and took as an inspiration and starting point in discussions about our space. When designing any space, there are usually some limiting factors. Most often it’s space (actual square meters), the budget you need to stick to, or time in which you need to finish the project. For us, the biggest one is the space, since our dreams and ideas are much bigger than our apartment. 😉

Our living room is actually one open space with kitchen area and it should serve as a cooking/dining/relaxing space. This means we are not only thinking about whether a sofa, coffee table, and bookshelves look good together, we also need to consider whether it all goes well with kitchen cabinets, countertops, a dining table, and chairs. In the end, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. What helped us, is to choose a color palette of neutral colors which look good in any space, be it kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Another thing we keep in mind is not to over-furnish the space. We want to have as few pieces of furniture as possible, but still have the things we might need to cook, host a party, and relax with a book. In our discussions, we clarified what’s important for us and what we can live without. And the truth is, we can always buy that extra item later if it proves to be necessary.

Another important aspect for us is to choose good quality products. We opt for natural materials and choose pieces which can be used in multiple ways.

Mood board

living room moodboard

To have a visual of what is our design goal for this space, I created this mood board. Unfortunately, some of the products we loved are already sold out or discontinued (I’m looking at you IKEA sofa!). So we already know our living won’t look exactly like this. Nevertheless, the mood board still serves its purpose and we have a clear idea what to look for in stores.

From the mood board: bookshelves | light gray sofa | chair | coffee tables | rug | mirror | lamp | light bulb | plant | succulent | gray/pink pillow | dark gray pillow | light gray pillow | small pink pillow | small gray pillow.