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Influencers: Marie Forleo

Influencers: Marie Forleo

I decided to start this series to introduce you some incredibly interesting, inspirational and talented people who share their passion through their books, blogs, podcasts, talks and other platforms. These are the people whose stories I followed for some time and whose ideas, adventures and enthusiasm inspire me to work, try, create and change. I am sure you already know many of them, but maybe I can introduce you some of them.

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, book author, writer, speaker and philanthropist. She started her life-coaching business back in the time when most of the people didn’t even know what life-coaching was. Over the years she pursued many of her dreams. At first she studied finance, then she started life coaching, she went to a hip-hop dance class and was so good that she traveled the world as Nike Elite Dance Athlete, she also wrote a spiritual book which was translated into more than 10 languages and she started the MarieTV and an online business school.

Over the years Marie build an online business, a powerful brand and great products. She’s hosting the award-winning weekly show MarieTV, she teaches in her B-school and she’s mentoring. Her teaching is based on her own experience and her goal is to help people to find that gift each of us has and use it.

Marie is inspirational, clever, genuine, funny and down to earth. She was named a thought leader for the next generation by Oprah and appeared in her Super Soul Session recently.

I am not starting a business, I don’t work for myself and my job is not in what would be considered as a creative field. Yet I love to hear her answers to the questions from viewers and readers, I love to feel the passion and positivity she shares in her videos, posts and talks and I love encouragement and advice she provides to everyone listening. Maybe, like me, you don’t need a business advice right now, or at least you think so, but you can be sure her advice and insights will make you think, not only in the boundaries of career or job, but about your life in general. All that information and knowledge she shares will not get lost in you or forgotten. You never know when you might use it.

My favorite quote from Marie Forleo is: “Everything is figureoutable”, because it reminds me that no matter where I am and what I struggle with I can figure it out, solve it, and accomplish it if I give it my best intention, my energy and my time.

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What I like about Marie Forleo

  • She has a very clear message, she knows her life purpose and she’s doing her best to help everyone else to find theirs.
  • She is not afraid to do things, to try new challenging projects, to learn and admit when she’s wrong.
  • She is multi-passionate person and an entrepreneur who is pursuing multiple dreams.
  • She is very friendly and absolutely engaged in what she does at the moment. Watching her videos feels like getting an advice from a good friend who listens to you, understands you and has been where you are now.
  • She is an awesome mentor: experienced, clever and encouraging.

My MarieTV Favorites

More about Marie Forleo

If you would like to know more about Marie Forleo go to her website or check out some of my favorite interviews with her or her talks.


Do you know Marie Forleo and her work? What are your favorite MarieTV episodes? And who do you consider to be influencer? I’m curious to find out in comments.