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Influencers: James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch

Influencers: James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch

I decided to start this series to introduce you some incredibly interesting, inspirational and talented people who share their passion through their books, blogs, podcasts, talks and other platforms. These are the people whose stories I followed for some time and whose ideas, adventures and enthusiasm inspire me to work, try, create and change. I am sure you already know many of them, but maybe I can introduce you some of them.

James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch are creators of Food Matters and Hungry for Change documentary movies and founders of FMTV. What started as their personal quest, to help James’s father, changed their lives.

In 2003 was James’s father Rob diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. At that time they believed that the doctors and medications will help with his condition. But over the next few years Rob’s health got worse and James and Laurentine decided it was their turn to help him. They analyzed research studies and learned how food influences our health with hopes that their findings could change Rob’s point of view as well. But the problem was that it was too difficult to convince Rob to even read the books they sent him. And they realized he’s probably not the only one unwilling or unable to change his mind. They realized the movie full of interviews with experts in the area might help. So they bought film making equipment, packed their bags and traveled around the world to film the interviews with experts whose knowledge could change Rob’s health for better. The result of their work, the documentary Food Matters was released in 2008.

James and Laurentine are determined, inspiring, genuine and caring. Their mission is to spread the word about the power of food, good nutrition and overall self-care. They have a clear, consistent and compelling message. The ways in which they are trying to help and educate people are always evolving and including new research findings. Now they have a whole company of dedicated employees all passionate about wellness and well-being who help to spread their message.

I learned about the Food Matters movie through some healthy living blog few years back. Since then I join the free online event called Total Wellness Summit every year. I have DVDs with their movies at home and I watch them at least once a year. And I always find something new in them. Or I remember what my goal is and what to do and don’t do to live a happy healthy life.

If you are like me, always looking for ways to improve your life, especially in the health department, than you will love their movies. If you are not sure if this is your cup of tea, you have a chance to find out. The Total Wellness Summit reopens today and you can register here. You will have a chance to watch the Hungry for Change movie today and Food Matters tomorrow, plenty of other movies, interviews and yoga session during the next 10 days. I’m sure you will find something you’ll like.

What I like about them and their projects

  • The Food Matters movie started as a personal project but they learned so much that they couldn’t keep it to themselves and decided to share it with everyone interested.

  • They change their lives completely, in terms of diet, exercise habits and spiritual practice, and they share doable ideas how we can do it too.

  • In many articles on their website they share findings from scientific research. They work with experts from different areas, e.g. Charlotte Gerson, founder of Gerson Institute, nutrition specialist Andrew W. Saul, Dan Rodgers M.D and may others.

  • Every year they organize the Total Wellness Summit that you can join for free. In 10 days they share 10 full length documentary movies, interviews with experts in all fields related to well-being, easy and delicious recipes and more. I love to be part of the audience every year.

Great articles on Food Matters

Want to know more about James Colquhoun are Laurentine ten Bosch?

If you would like to find out more about James Colquhoun are Laurentine ten Bosch, learn their story, watch their movies, FMTV and more go to their website