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Few hours in Namur

Few hours in Namur

Thursday, May 5th was a national holiday in Belgium. It also happened to be a very sunny and warm day, and since these two things don’t happen so often, we decided it would be a shame to spend the day at home. The day before we asked our colleague where he recommends we should visit. We have already visited few Belgian cities and some of them multiple times. So this time we wanted to go somewhere new and somewhere in Wallonia. He recommended Namur and mentioned the Citadel of Namur as a landmark worth a visit.

When Belgium was organized into three Regions: the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and the Brussels-Capital region, Namur became the capital of the Walloon Region. The Parliament, the Government and the Administrative Services of Wallonia are all here. Namur is the third largest city in Wallonia, but it doesn’t seem big and especially city center is quite small and cozy.

From Brussels, we took a train to Namur which is a pretty comfortable and convenient way to get there. During the weekends and national holidays, the ‘weekend ticket’ applies so for round-trip ticket anywhere in Belgium you pay just a half of the price.

Going from the train station in Namur you cannot get lost because right away you enter the city center and its shopping streets. As you traverse the city center, you find yourself on a river bank and in front of the Citadel of Namur.

This was a highlight of our trip. This old fortress was transformed into a park at the end of 19th century, and it is open for the public to walk on its grounds freely. Grey stone houses, green trees and lawns and the blue sky contrasted beautifully that day, and a view from the hill was breathtaking.


I took almost the same picture ten times because every few steps the view seemed to be a little bit nicer and every few meters I noticed something new.

I fell in love with old, majestic trees with their wide trunks and branches full of leaves. I can totally imagine living in this gray stone house with an old tree in front of it and with that beautiful view over the city.



From the top of the citadel we saw street markets on the other side of the river and we decided to go there to look for some lunch. After lunch we walked along the banks of river to take some more pictures of the citadel and we returned back to the city center where we were walking down the streets and taking pictures of nice store fronts and houses.


We also planned to go for a coffee and cake and I selected two highly recommended spots on trip advisor but unfortunately because of the national holiday both places were closed. So next time we go to Namur I’ll make sure they are open.