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Long Weekend in Copenhagen – Part 1

Long Weekend in Copenhagen – Part 1

When I finished my Copenhagen recap I realized it was too long for it to be all in one post. So I decided to split it into two part. This is the first part and I’ll post the second part later this week.

Short city trips are what most of our travels looks like. And we love it. We had a chance to visit many places over the last five years thanks to many different factors. One of which is definitely a central position of Brussels. It’s close to almost anywhere in Europe. In about two hour flight we can get to Oslo or Porto, Edinburgh or Rome, Madrid or Stockholm. And by train we have still plenty of options – Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Bremen, Lille etc. We visited many of these cities already and we still have a long list of places we would like to visit.

On our most recent city trip we went to Copenhagen, which was the third Scandinavian capital we visited. We’ve been to Oslo few summers ago and we spent a weekend in Stockholm little over a year ago (you can read about it here).

St Alban's Church

Our weekend in Copenhagen was a holiday of sort. After many busy weeks we craved some rest.  Even though our city trips are usually quite tiring we enjoyed our time in Copenhagen, mostly because it was a change from our life in Brussels.

Since we visited Oslo and Stockholm in summer we had quite different experience this time. We really liked Copenhagen, but I’m sure we would have loved it if we were visiting it in summer.

Christmas City

A downside of visiting Scandinavia in winter is that the days are short with barely eight hours of sun light. An upside of our trip were Christmas decorations already installed all over the city and Christmas markets on many squares. Copenhagen really felt like a Christmas city.

christmas markets copenhagen

christmas decorations in copenhagen

People & gatherings

The city was full of tourists from all over the world. We heard so many languages and surprisingly many times also Slovak. Since Denmark is one of the top countries in Europe based on English skills everyone was capable and willing to speak English with us.

We’ve been in Copenhagen from Friday to Sunday and every day the streets were full of people, locals and foreigners alike. Cafés, shops and restaurants were so crowded we spent some time in search for a nice place where we could sip a coffee and sit for a while.

Many restaurants and cafés we visited had lively atmosphere. Small tables were almost touching each other and people were speaking one over another. Usually people sit down while drinking their coffee, or eat some pastry and then left, to continue on their way.

We had a fantastic breakfast and couple of cakes in Lagkagehuset. On Sunday we got a coffee and pastry in a nice quiet bakery called Emmerys. And we stopped for sandwiches at Joe and the Juice. For dinner one night we went to small Italian restaurant in Nyhaven, but I don’t remember the name. And other times we bought fresh salads at Torvehallerne food market.


pink house in copenhagen

Environment friendliness

One of the things I read about Denmark before we went there, was that it’s very environmentally friendly country. Thinking about ecology, energy, healthy food, and sustainability of natural resources of all kinds is second nature to Danes. And we could really see and feel it.

Organic product are a standard part of life and restaurant offerings. Organic coffee or tea were the only option (at least in places we visited). Healthy food in a form of freshly made sandwiches, salads, smoothies or yogurt parfaits was readily available.

In the shops you don’t get a plastic bag automatically (you can buy one if you need it) and in bakeries they usually put their products to a paper bag or paper box.

bicycles in copenhage

sailing ships in copenhagen

royal guard in copenhagen

locks on bridge in Nyhavn

The King's Garden in Copenhagen

I’ll post the second part of the recap of our Copenhagen trip, with more remarks about shops, design, sights and our museum visit, later this week.