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Coffee date at Cafe du Sablon

Coffee date at Cafe du Sablon

I like my coffee big and creamy. And I love coffee shops where I feel like I’m in my friend’s living room, where I am comfortable, where I can read a book or have a heart to heart conversation with a friend. I love bright spaces with mismatched chairs where everyone seems to enjoy their ideal Sunday morning ritual no matter what day it is.

You can find this kind of coffee shop in every city, there are actually many of them. But you need to where they are and it may be sometimes difficult to find them in a new city. These past few months I was on a quest. I was looking for more unique and authentic coffee shops here in Brussels.

A coffee shop that complies my list of a perfect coffee place is Café du Sablon . It’s located in city center, right across the street from the church of the Notre-Dame du Sablon. The beautiful view and central location gains this place few extra points.

They serve good coffee, tasty deserts, salads and sandwiches. It’s a nice place to have a quick lunch while you are exploring the city or enjoying a Sunday walk. The interior is designed nicely, full of small tables and colorful chairs each different from the next, with huge windows facing the main street and church of Notre-Dame du Sablon.

There are still many thing on their menu I would like to try so I am looking forward to our next visit there.

Below are a few pictures from our last coffee date in Cafe du Sablon.