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9 Sofas to Choose from

9 Sofas to Choose from

As I mentioned before, we have a new apartment to furnish. I’m looking for inspiration left and right, follow home designers and stylists on Instagram, listen to advice on podcasts and flip through online and offline furniture catalogs. There are so many different styles and options to choose from. Too many, actually.

We have an idea how we would like our apartment to look like, how we would furnish it, what colors we prefer, what is important to us to have and what we don’t plan to buy. The thing is, there are two very opinionated adults furnishing one rather small apartment, and even though we agree on big things, in details we often have different ideas.

We know we’ll have to compromise, but I don’t want each of us to compromise half of the things because we’ll end up with the apartment that looks weird. The plan is that we’ll look for the things we both like for as long as it takes. Hopefully, we’ll end up with the things we both like. Luckily we agree on most of the things.

After a recent trip to IKEA, we realized there aren’t that many things we like there. Last year’s STOCKHOLM collection, precisely sofa #4 was our favorite, but as we learned most of that collection is sold out and not available.


One of the things we easily agreed upon is the color scheme we like. It’s very basic and probably boring for some people – white, black, gray, dark wood and some accent color (blue or teal maybe). Since the kitchen and living room are combined, we want to make sure it all plays together nicely. So far we agreed on a few things, one of which is sofa color(s) and style.

These are just a few sofas we found, liked and consider. We have our heart set on a gray sofa, but at the end, we’ll decide on color based on other big pieces in the room, like kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, etc.




Out of curiosity, which one would you pick? 🙂