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Winter Blues and 4 Ways to Overcome It

Winter Blues and 4 Ways to Overcome It

Two weeks ago, when I wrote this post I had the feeling spring was just around the corner. Now it seems that it just stuck its tongue out at us and ran away. Last few days were wintery through and through.

The temperature dropped, it rained almost every day and we even had a light snow on Friday. In spite of the days being longer, we don’t see the sun much. After months of cold, gray, dark and wet days we all crave sun, warmth, and green. It’s so easy to get frustrated with the weather in the winter, and not only here in Brussels. We are all ready for the spring.

But what can we do? We cannot change the weather. We cannot force the nature to wake up, clouds to disappear, the sun to shine more and radiate stronger. We need to find the ways to beat the gray and gloomy.

These are the things I do to feel better, to take advantage of what is now, even if it’s dark and cold.

vegan bean chili soup

Stews, Soups and Hot Drinks

As summer is ideal for fresh salads, fruit bowls, and cold smoothies. Now is the perfect time for soups and stews, with a bit of chili for a warming sensation. I often make vegetarian chili soup or our version of Indian dhal. Almost any soup can benefit from a bit of chili powder at winter – vegetable soup, chicken broth or tomato soup. Add a piece of bread smeared with butter to it and you have a winter comfort food at its best.

Also hot drinks like hot chocolate, cafe latte or tea are a daily treat in our house. They warm us from inside out, and the pleasant smell adds another dimension of enjoyment to our daily steamy cups. Recently I fell in love with rooibos tea. I drink mostly plain rooibos tea, but I love flavored teas like this Happy Time tea as well.

hot chocolate and coffee

Hot Bath & Aroma Therapy

Taking care of yourself makes sense in every season, in any weather, but long evenings seem like a perfect time to have a hot bubble bath. In winter we tend to be slower, more sluggish. Let’s turn that into an advantage. Let’s relax more, take care of ourselves more. Let’s appreciate small pleasures such as nicely smelling hand cream or body lotion. They are a form of aromatherapy you can use anywhere.

Enjoy indoors

Spring and summer are usually times spent mostly outside, on long walks, runs, picnic, sitting on the park benches. In winter we shouldn’t stay inside wishing we can be outside. We can use this time to catch up on home projects, get off to a good start on our reading lists, cozy up and watch a good movie, experiment with new recipes, or invite a friend for dinner.

There are so many things we don’t do in summer because we feel like we are wasting the sunny day if we spend it indoors. So now is the time to clean that closet, organize that pantry or rearrange that living room. Now is the time to binge watch Netflix, read the all Harry Potter books or use a crock pot.

citrus fruits

Vitamin D supplements

Since winter doesn’t offer us an abundance of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to skip fruits and vegetables altogether. After all, we are in the season of cakes and cookies. Therefore right now we are most likely to be vitamin deficient, and it’s particularly true for vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency affects our bones, muscles, and moods (among other things). The best way to fill our tanks of vitamin D right now is to take vitamin D supplements. It helps us get through this season easier.

chocolate cookies

How do you fight winter blues? What are your favorite ways to bring more positivity into the gloomy days? Share in the comments section; I’m curious out.