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Where To Find Your Next Read

Where To Find Your Next Read

I like to read. I always did. When I was a teenager, I used to spend whole weekends curled up in a chair in my room, reading. There are books on a bookshelf in my childhood room that I have read over and over again. Anne of Green Gables, Girl talk, and Harry Potter series share a limited space with other, more recent books. Titles new and old, from different genres, written in Slovak, Czech, and English are sitting on the same shelf.

Books have magic power. They can transport you through time and space, allow you to experience and imagine anything and everything, visit places you may never have a chance to visit otherwise. Good books tell a story, share authors opinion, convey a message. Great books tickle your imagination, shape your worldview, cultivate compassion, introduce you to the diversity of places, cultures, and people. You may learn about friendship through books, and find a community of like-minded friends thanks to books you have in common.

I have always been a member of a library. As a child, I used to go to a library with my mom. Later, I joined school library and once a week, I waited in line for my turn to enter a small room filled with books. After I moved to a new neighborhood one of the first things I did, was to find a nearby library. And now, I’m a member of a library here in Brussels.

To satisfy my hunger for books, I check out books from the library, where there’s never a shortage of interesting titles and book covers. But I also buy books, and my purchases are based on recommendations. I love to read diverse books, fiction, and non-fiction, on a range of topics to broaden my horizons, to learn something new. That’s why I love to get recommendations from several sources. I hope you’ll find the suggestions below useful.

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Where to look for book recommendations

Websites, Podcasts, and Instagram

There are many bookworms out there who love to share their love for books with the world. I like the what should I read next website where you can get recommendations based on the books you like. Recently, I added Emilie’s account to my Instagram follow list. In her account, she shares nicely styled pictures of books she likes. Tsh and Jamie talk about books almost constantly in their podcasts, but you can find book recommendations also in Marie’s and Jeff’s podcasts.

Book clubs

Joining a book club is a good way to get inspiration on what to read next. You’ll be engrossed in the same title, with all other club members. Then, at the end of the month, you’ll discuss the content of the book, share your opinion and learn others’. If you didn’t find a book club nearby, think about joining an online book club. There are many interesting once, and you can easily google them. I recently stumbled upon Our Shared Shelf started by Emma Watson, The Monthly Bookclub, and RWBookClub curated by Reese Witherspoon.

Book, you just finished

You can find plenty of inspiration on what to read next on a cover of the book you just read. Since the praise on a cover or first page of a book is usually written by authors in the similar genre, chances are you’ll like the books by these authors as well. So go ahead and google them. What’s their most recent book? Does your library have anything written by the author?


Many great movies are based on books. I’m sure that if you would check a cinema program, you’ll find titles based on books. I love to read the book before I go and watch the movie, but I also read a few titles afterward. Not everything from the book makes it into the movie, and the book is a great way to fill in the blanks. Don’t forget to check the Netflix, or movie channel for older titles based on books. Recently, Everything, Everything made it to my ‘to-read’ list, after I saw the movie trailer.

Where do you get inspiration for what to read next? Are you a member of a book club? Do you have a few close friends with whom you share your favorites? And what are you reading right now? I would love to know!