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The Body Book by Cameron Diaz – A review

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz – A review

First time I saw The Body Book it was in bookshop in Bratislava, right before Christmas last year. I was doing some last-minute shopping and was looking for inspiration.

Since I like Cameron Diaz as an actress, I was curious about her book. I liked the book instantly, the cover, the passages I randomly read. But I know that the book is always better in original version. I wanted to read the book in English so I didn’t buy it right away. And then I forgot about it.
I was kindly reminded about the existence of The Body Book by Amazon recently and decided to order it. Few weeks later it was at my desk and I finished reading it just yesterday.

I loved it!

the body book by cameron diaz

The title sums it up, the book is about body – female body. It combines the knowledge of scientists and doctors, with experience of Cameron herself. The book covers nutrition, fitness, mind-body connection and how it all works together. She encourages every woman to educate, nourish and take care of herself to be the best version of herself. The book talks about basic biology, chemical reactions in the body, anatomy, as well as importance of being active and how to form new habits.

I love the way Cameron explained all parts of our body, from how the digestion works, muscles are grown, bones are nourished, to how our mind works. And how she encourages everybody to use all this information and benefit from it. She effortlessly explained all the concepts and science and woven her personal stories into the book. It makes the book easy to read and relate to it’s content.

I couldn’t get enough of the book and wished I had it in my personal library sooner. This book is definitely a keeper. And it’s a book teenage girls and women of all age should have on hand and consult from time to time. Because let’s be honest, we learned lots of things in school’s biology but how much of it do we remember, fully understand and use to our everyday benefit to this day? This book is a great reminder of how amazing our body is and why and how we should nurture it, move it and take care of it.

Recently Cameron Diaz published her second book – The Longevity Book and I’m adding it to my wish list. I’m sure it will be full of beautiful, encouraging, supportive and understanding words, coming from a woman who is motivated, caring and eager to share what she learned.

Have you read The Body Book? Or did you already read The Longevity Book? What do you think of them?