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Recent Entertainment Favorites

Recent Entertainment Favorites

I’m always looking for a recommendation for a good book, movie, podcasts, TV show, documentary, etc. Today, I’m sharing my recent favorites, and I would be happy if you would share yours in the comments below.

Summer is usually the time of year when we spend most of the time outside. Well, it’s not true everywhere in the world. Listening to the weather forecast for Slovakia and Belgium was bittersweet this summer. For many days the temperatures in Slovakia were reaching 38 degrees Celsius, while in Belgium we had clouds, rain and temps up to 19 degrees.

Since I didn’t get my fix of positive energy from the warm and sunny weather, I had to look elsewhere. These books, shows, movies, podcasts, etc. were my sources of positive energy and fun. In case you are spending your days outside enjoying the sun (I’m jealous, but also happy for you), bookmark these for later. I’m sure there will be time when you’ll be stuck at home, ready to read, watch or listen to something fun 😉


  • A few weeks ago I read The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and it is was a lovely read. I wrote more about the book and hygge concept here.
  • Simplify Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine produced by several bloggers whose writing I love. You can read the first issue on the magazine’s website for free.
  • I have heard and read about the book 10 % Happier by Dan Harris through several channels. I bought it as a souvenir in San Francisco and finally dived in. The book is captivating, fascinating, and provocative. Dan Harris is about as skeptical as I’m about spiritual things, and in the book, he shares his (long) journey to finding the right (for him) type of meditation practice. He shares in which areas of life meditation and mindfulness helped him as well as tips on how to meditate.
  • I just finished The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan a few days ago, and it was such a lovely book. Some blogger recommended the book, then I saw thousands of great reviews on Amazon, and now I’m happy I bought the book. Light summer read!


  • I have been loosely following The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus for years. From time to time I read their blog, I saw a few interviews with them and was looking forward to their latest big thing, their documentary movie: Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It’s good to (from time to time) reconsider what’s important in life 😉
  • We started to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation several months ago, and we are still hooked up. I hadn’t watched any Star Trek series before, and I expected a super geeky series full of technical stuff. I was surprised that it’s much more about social norms, human behavior, personal challenges, and friendship.
  • We recently started to watch the Netflix original series The Ranch, and we like it. The episodes are around 30 minutes which is just a right time to decompress after the work. Beware, the show is full of adult language.


  • DIY, Home Design and Family podcast Chris loves Julia is currently my favorite podcast. I often laugh at the discussions Chris and Julia have with the podcast’s host Preston Pugmire.
  • I also still listen to the podcasts I shared here. But now I caught up with them, so I have to wait for every new episode.
  • Since I first heard the Rag’n’Bone’s song Skin, I cannot get it out of my head. After listening to just this one song on repeat for too long I decided to buy the whole album. Now I listen to all twelve songs on repeat for hours 😉

Until next time! HAve fun and share your favorite shows, books, movies…

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