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Parks of Brussels

Parks of Brussels

When we first moved to Brussels almost everyone around us was skeptical. They all had their own opinion about the city and those were not optimistic. It didn’t influence us and soon after we settled and started to explore the city we found many things one can love about Brussels. One of them are definitely parks.

You can find a big park in each municipality along with some smaller green areas. If we walk from our apartment for about 30 minutes in any direction, we will arrive to a park. In nice weather the parks are packed with people. In not so nice weather (which is unfortunately more common in Brussels), you’ll still meet lots of people walking, running or biking around.

Even though the parks are not as huge as the Central Park in New York, where you can easily forget you are in the hearth of a mega city, they are still little oasis of calm. You can recharge, calm down and admire beauty of nature in any season.

Even though it’s getting colder and it’s mostly rainy November weather, if it doesn’t rain, it’s still worth to go for a walk in a park. We went few days ago and the Royal Park was still nice and colorful. Trees weren’t totally leafless and there were plenty of leaves of all colors on the ground. It might still be like that the next weekend.

Parc du Cinquantenaire in october

These are my favorite parks in Brussels also with one or two places near each park, where we like to grab a coffee or some snack.

The Parc du Cinquantenaire

This one is my most favorite because there’s my favorite monument of Brussels, the majestic Triumphal Arch. It’s also the closest one from this list to our place and we visit it most frequently.

Our favorite nearby places are brasserie La Terrasse and Capoue ice-cream shop.

Parc du Cinquantenaire june night

The Royal Park

This park is a must and I’m sure it’s visited by every tourist of Brussels because it’s right in front of the Royal palace. Many events organized in Brussels take place in the park or on the square right between the park and the Royal palace. During summer the Royal Palace opens its door to public and we have visited [link] many times.

Nearby is one of our favorite cafés, JAT.

royal park in september

The Leopold Park

Located near European institutions, this park is rather busy on weekdays, especially on sunny summer days it’s a favorite lunch spot for people working nearby. It’s quite small but it has its charm. I like to stop here on our walks to the city center.

Right next to the Park Leopold is my (currently) favorite café, Living Room. On Place Jourdan is another café we visit frequently, called OR Espresso Bar.

The Bois de la Cambre

This is the biggest park in Brussels. Well, it starts as a park between two municipalities – Ixelles and Uccle and smoothly continues to a quite big wood. You’ll find here plenty of runners and moms with small kids.

To grab a coffee, go to Café de la Presse and if you are in need of some food or snack, take a ferry to the tiny island in the middle of the lake where the Chalet Robinson is located.

What are your favorite places in Brussels or in your city? Would love to find out in the comments!