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Mons: 4 things I liked and you might too

Mons: 4 things I liked and you might too

Few months ago we asked our Belgian colleague whether he has any suggestions for Wallonia’s cities worth a visit. He suggested a few but because of the other travel plans during summer we didn’t manage to visit any of them. At least not until the last weekend when we went to Mons – one of the cities in the South West Belgium.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day, warm and sunny but not too hot. So it was ideal for a short city trip. Since we knew the city center of Mons is rather small, we knew we don’t need the whole day for a visit. We arrived little before noon and stayed until 6 in the evening which was just enough time to see the main sights.

Streets of Mons were charming. They reminded me a lot of Netherlands which is surprising since Mons is much closer to France than Netherlands.

Mons houses mons window with flowers Mons church

The most famous sight of Mons is probably belfry (Beffroi) tower. It stands on a small hill and overlooks the whole city and neighboring area. Tower itself has 87 meters and you can take elevator to about half that height. It’s not possible to go on the top of the belfry for security reasons and you will only see the city through windows, but it was still nice. Inside is a little presentation of history of the belfry, bells etc.

1. Belfry

Mons belfry is one of the main landmarks of the city. It was built in 17th century and is now listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can take elevator up and then stairs on the way down the tower. On the way down you’ll learn a bit about history of belfry and its importance. Around the tower is a little park, with lawn and benches where you can sit and relax. And you can look at the city center of Mons from bird’s perspective.

Mons belfry belfry clock mechanism Mons belfry

2. Street Art

I loved the streets of Mons. One you arrive to the pedestrian zone you will notice that the houses are small, colorful and often with a nice door, door handles or drawings and graffiti on the walls. It’s definitely picture worthy.

door handle street art doors doors city hall door handle street art street art

3. The Monkey Statue

It’s very easy to miss this tiny monkey statue. It stands in front of the city hall of Mons, on the Grand Place. Patting the monkey on his head is said to bring you good fortune.

the monkey statue

4. Texas Coffee House

We checked Trip Advisor and Google for cafes in Mons and went to the Texas Coffee House. The place absolutely got me. It’s like a little piece of USA right in the city center of Mons. Owners come from Texas, guests were all speaking English (at least at the time of our visit) and they serve great food. We tried the chicken & avocado sandwich and the chocolate fudge cake and both were amazing. I’m only sad they are not in Brussels because I would go for that sandwich again.

avocado sandwich iced tea texas coffee house sign