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July Plans

July Plans

Every month flies by so quickly. It seems like I was writing June plans just a few days ago but it has already been a month. It’s funny how you make plans with the best intentions and then life happens. I had some trips, visits and other activities planned for June, but in the end maybe half of the things worked out. But if I think about it half is actually still a pretty decent success rate.

Some of the activities I planned for June will actually happen in July. Seriously, flights are booked, itineraries are getting ready. And I also added some new things to my list. I will definitely benefit from long summer days and I can only hopefully that Belgian weather will cooperate (less rain and more sun in Brussels, please).

My plans in July involve all the things I love and need for a happy life. I have couple of good books ready, some summer activities in Brussels planned and we have some trips scheduled. So these are just a few things I look forward to in upcoming month:

1. Go to the Brussels Beach

The Brussels Beach is a summer tradition. It’s an urban beach created along the river banks for a few weeks in summer. In good weather it’s packed with people. Kids play in the sand, adults sip their cocktails, music is on and smell of good food lingers in the air. Since there are always many food tracks it’s also a great chance to try foreign cuisines.

2. Visit Munich, Germany

We have tickets since April but I still haven’t prepare itinerary for this trip. We will have 48 hours in Munich and I expect us to enjoy nice summer weather, good food, long walks and lots of leisure time. I’ll share some pictures over on my Instagram while there and a post later on. Do you have any suggestions as where to eat, what to see and what to do in Munich?

3. Read the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Following in my series of self-improvement/inspirational books right after 168 hours and The Art of Work will be Outliers: The Story of Success.

I have heard and read such a good words about this book and after I read an excerpt on Amazon I knew I want to read the whole book. It arrived mid-June and in July I will finally dive in. And from August on I should know how to become successful 😉 I got paperback version so it will be a perfect companion for summer vacations. Don’t worry I’ll report back around the end of July with my review and nuggets from the book.

4. Check out how Belgian Royal family lives

Every year for a few weeks the Royal family opens their official Royal Palace for public. It’s a chance to walk on marble floors and under crystal chandeliers and admire the artwork on the ceiling in the Mirror Room. You can visit the Royal Palace for free from the end of July until early September.

What are your plans for July? Will you be in Brussels? Do you have any recommendations for us in Munich? I’ll be happy if you share in comments.