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Home Design Inspirations

Home Design Inspirations

Finally, we have keys to our new apartment! It’s a tiny little apartment in a newly built apartment building and we were one of the last to get the keys. Many people already furnished their homes, settled in and started new chapters of their lives. For us, the process only starts. We have design decisions to make. We hope it will be fun. Well, we should make sure it will be fun.

While we were waiting for our apartment to be finished I was browsing design websites, listening to design podcasts and scrolling through beautifully styled homes on Instagram. There are many styles in which one can furnish and style her home. And it’s difficult to know which way to go if I like most of the pictures I see.

Well, we have a few decisions to make before we start to buy furniture. What makes to process even more peculiar is the fact that our new apartment is no in Brussels. It’s in our homeland. Next few months will be fun. We hope. At least we have a chance to find our style in the process.


For a long time, I have been following the work of these designers and bloggers. They all have beautiful websites, blogs, Instagram feeds or podcasts. I find them inspiring and helpful in the process of finding my style.

  1. Jak na interiery blog + Instagram
  2. Emily Henderson’s website and Instagram accounts
  3. Young House Love site & podcast
  4. The Chris loves Julia podcast and blog
  5. Orlando Soria Instagram
  6. The apartment therapy site & Instagram
  7. Ginny MacDonald’s design site & Instagram
  8. Moderni domov Instagram account

I like these sites, but it’s true though that they mostly design and showcase bigger apartments or houses. Since ours is a small one I’ll need to look for specific design posts of small apartments. I’ll share what I’ll find in the future.

I’m currently looking for a free design software or websites where I could plan the apartment. Do you know any?

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