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Food Lover’s Gift Guide

Food Lover’s Gift Guide

Mid-November and about five weeks until Christmas mean that it’s time to think about presents, don’t you think? I brainstorm the gift ideas throughout the year, write down the things I think would make someone happy. It makes it easier to buy presents in the last several weeks before Christmas. I’ve been doing it this way for years now, and it helps to fight the typical pre-Christmas stress. At least a bit.

I usually get plenty of ideas right after the Christmas. Probably because the deadline is over. I see what others gave and received at it jump starts my gift giving part of the brain.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been revising my list, deciding who will get what, and buying first presents. Down below are some of the things I like. Those are gifts I received or gave in the past, or the things that made it on my list of potential Christmas presents for this year. They can all be considered as gifts for food lovers.

I gathered, I grouped the items into four categories. There are gifts for an avid baker, aspiring barista, home chef, and hostess. But truly, the lines between these groups are blurred. I’m sure at least one thing here would make someone close to you happy.

Without further ado, here are the gift ideas for food lovers. You can find the links to the products under each picture.

Avid Baker

avid baker gift ideas

Aspiring Barista

aspiring barista gift ideas

Home Chef

home chef gift ideas


hostess gift ideas

I’m sure these gift ideas are incomplete and missing some cool stuff. What are your gift ideas for food lovers? Can you share them in the comments?