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Favorite Posts from 2017

Favorite Posts from 2017

Blogging has been an ongoing project for me for past two years. Every year I hope to write more relevant content, reach more people, and learn new things. When I started, I had some ideas on how this blogging hobby thing should go and then changed my mind several times. I’m still searching for my writing style, struggling with English grammar and spelling, looking for new topics I would like to cover, and you would like to read. I’m curious to see where my blogging journey will lead me in 2018.

End of the year is a great time to take a look back. To evaluate previous twelve months and try to draw conclusions and prepare a plan for the next year. I love to look back and see what went well or not so well on the blog and I’m curious to see which posts you liked and commented on.

In the past year, I started to share some of my recipes on other channels and so it didn’t surprise me that among the top ten most visited posts from 2017 are mostly recipes. I’ll try to focus more on recipes in the next months, but I’ll also continue posting about other things I love, such as travel, books, and inspiring people, blogs and podcasts. I would also love to find ways to share my other posts (not just recipes) on other channels to see whether they are as interesting for people as recipes.

When I looked back on statistics from the blog for 2017, I found that these ten posts were your favorite. And I’m not surprised because I love them all too!

Your Favorite Posts from 2017

  1. Are you looking for an easy no-bake treat? Look no more!. These 4-ingredient chocolate truffles are what you should do.
  2. One of my childhood favorites, sponge cake with raspberries
  3. This soul-warming tomato soup is an easy fix in winter months.
  4. These light, fluffy, and simple chocolate cookies are ideal for a Monday morning coffee. Best shared with friends! 😉
  5. Well-done recreation of ramen soup from our favorite restaurant in Brussels.
  6. The Little Book of Hygge is a funny step by step guide to bring more coziness to your home, ideal project for long winter nights.
  7. Introducing more meatless days to your week? Add this lentil taco wrap recipe to your meal planner!
  8. This sweet potato, carrot, and chickpea curry quickly became our go-to weekday dinner.
  9. Dinner in 10-minutes? No problem! Make these zucchini noodles.
  10. An after-dinner treat, black forest parfait, inspired by the cherry season, chocolate smoothie obsession, and black forest cake. Yum!

Did you find your favorite post on the list? If not, which one is it? I would love to know what brought you to this blog and what you love to read here.