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Easter menu planning

Easter menu planning

Few more days to go and we’ll be celebrating Easter, or we’ll at least enjoy the extra day off. Since there are only a few days left, it’s about time to start to get clear about the Easter menu. After all, traditions are built around and reinforced by food.

This will be our first Easter we’ll spend here in Brussels. All of the years before we went home to spend it with our families, but this year, for various reasons we are staying in Brussels, and it means we’ll have to cook for ourselves this year 😉

We won’t be making Slovak traditional food, but we are planning to do some dishes with spring produce as well as some healthyish desserts. To get ready in time a prepare shopping list for a trip to the grocery store on Friday I started to round-up ideas for things to make

    1. Breakfasts

      For the past many months our breakfast was either a bowl of oats with almond milk and fruits or a smoothie bowl. We rarely crave anything else, but once in a while, we have everything – scrambled eggs, fresh fruits, scones with marmalade, smoothie served in a tall glass. I think next Sunday might be one of those days when we’ll have everything.smoothie bowl

      green smoothie

    2.  Soups

      With all the fresh produce available, carrots, leek, salads, spring onions, etc. I’m craving some vegetable-laden soup. We might make our Red Miso Ramen soup or this Chicken Soup with spring veg & pasta by Jamie Oliver. Probably sans chicken.

    3. Main Dishes

      I’m deciding between quiche and frittata. They can be both full of veggies and strong flavored cheese, both are easy and have something happy in them. I like this feta and spinach quiche by Green Kitchen Stories. The crust made of oat flour and nuts seems really interesting. I’m also intrigued by this frittata I found at Edible Perspective, and I already have ideas how I would adapt it. Another thing I’m considering is a typical Slovak lentil dish with sour cream; its consistency is similar to an Indian dhal.Indian daal

    4. Salads

      We went to the Sunday market at Place Flagey recently, and the abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables were inspiring. We started to bring a salad for lunch at work more often as well as had a green smoothie almost every day since then. We’ll make a big salad during Easter as well and not just once. One of our classics is Greek quinoa lentil salad, but this time we might serve it on a bed of leafy greens.greek quinoa lentil salad

    5. Desserts

      We have been making these chickpea truffles quite often, and I’m ready to try something new. I love Angela’s blog and have tried many things already. Recently I found these chocolate chips cookie dough balls and these raw almond butter cups.chocolate truffles


I’m not sure how much we’ll really cook during Easter because we are still hoping the weather will behave. We would like to go for a trip somewhere in Belgium. So far the forecast isn’t very promising, so if not trip, we’ll enjoy a long weekend filled with cooking, baking, eating a resting.

What are your Easter go-to recipes? Anything particular/traditional you’ll be cooking?