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Chasing Slow with Erin Loechner

Chasing Slow with Erin Loechner

I found Design for Mankind, a blog created by Erin Loechner, a few years back. Another blogger I follow linked to her post and that very first post I read left me enchanted by Erin’s words. She has a great talent to talk about simple daily things, activities, and thoughts as a poet. Her words will speak to you, make you see the other point of view, leave you thinking. They might make you rethink your own experience and understand their connections with other things in life.

chasing slow

What’s the book about

When I found out, she published a book I knew I have to have it. Not just read it, I knew I wanted to have on my bookshelf. Erin’s book Chasing Slow is a memoir of sorts. The book’s written in first-person and describes a decade or so of Erin’s life. It tells a story of how she met her husband, what their life at LA was like, why they moved to Midwest. She talks how their show at started and how her desire to simplify and slow her life was born. Erin shares what she learned, gained, and lost on this journey. She admits she’s still learning to understand herself and what it means to lead a slow life.

I love Erin’s writing, on her blog and in the book. Chasing slow tells her story but you might be surprised how similar your story is to hers. How relatable it is. How universal. I was savoring the book but is still went by very quickly, probably because I found parts of myself in the book. The questions I have, the uncertainty I feel or thought process of my mind, I could all find them in bits and pieces in this book. You might find yourself in in it too.

Thoughts I liked

“Sometimes when we’re not looking for what we want, we find what we need.”

“Without grace, minimalism is another metric for perfection.”

“No one ever told me how much fear is hidden in love.”

“We are doing ourselves no favors when we look to the crowd to tell us where we are.”

chasing slow

Who is Erin Loechner

Erin Loechner is a writer, blogger, speaker, wife, mom. She’s striving for less, for slower and simpler life. Erin is a founder of Design for Mankind and recently published her first book Chasing Slow. She lives in Midwestern town with her husband and two kids.

If you want to learn more about Erin, head on to her blog, or listen to one of the many episodes podcast of The Simple Show, where she’s Tsh Oxenreider’s co-host. You can also find Erin on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.