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Brainstorming Our Tiny Entryway

Brainstorming Our Tiny Entryway

The entryway is a border between outside world and our private space. It provides the first glimpse into someones home. First and foremost it needs to be functional, but it’s great if it’s welcoming as well and if it reflects the family living in the home. It can be minimalistic and simple, or cozily messy.

In the entryway, we catch the last glimpse of ourselves in a mirror, do a mental check of daily essentials. Wallet, phone, keys? We call out hellos and see you laters. Since it’s such an important place, I believe every home needs a proper entryway. No matter how small it is.

Everything in our apartment is rather small, and so we need to carefully decide what we will host in our space. We sorted out our wants and needs, picked the ones with highest priorities and use them as a guide in designing our tiny space. With an open plan of our apartment, almost everything is connected. There’s no strict dividing line between the areas, so we want to keep the whole space cohesive and aligned.

We started to design and furnish the most important areas as first. Our kitchen, living room and bedroom are all in a similar style and scheme. We opted for natural materials, neutral colors, and just as few pieces of furniture as needed. Colors, materials, and textures repeat in our space, and we’ll personalize each area with textiles and accessories.

For the entryway, we are still in discussions. So far, we don’t have much more than just an idea how we would like this space to look like. From the pictures above is quite clear we need round mirror 😉 We are debating whether to keep the walls white walls or select a dramatic shade of dark blue or rather hazy grey. We also need to figure out the basics a place to sit, to put keys, wallets, etc., to hang coats and put shoes.

With many other important things decided, and some finished, we hope to find and decide on some items for the entryway on our next trip to Bratislava. Let’s see.

Image sources: Chris loves Julia, The Faux Martha, Gina Bourne, Kirsten Francis