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Best Coffee Shops in Brussels

Best Coffee Shops in Brussels

As everywhere in the world these days you can find coffee shops on almost every corner in Brussels. Some are in nice locations, some have well designed interiors and some serve the great coffees and cakes. And sometimes all three requirements are met.

I am no coffee expert and since I drink my coffee with lots of milk and some sugar I may not be the best person to judge the quality of coffee beans used. But if you are like me and you like nice places, milky coffee and something sweet with it I’m sure you will like these places.

All of the coffee shops are in city center of Brussels or very close to it. So it’s always just a few minutes from main sights to any of these places.

I usually drink latte, sometimes I change it for cappuccino and if there is flavored latte on the menu I often go for it. So in terms of coffee I am pretty predictable but what goes with the coffee that’s the question. In all these places you find many tasty looking cakes, pies and cookies so it’s often difficult to pick just one.

Without further ado here is the list of coffee house I like to go to in Brussels.

Café du Sablon

Café du Sablon is located right in front of the Église Notre-Dame du Sablon so imagine sipping a good coffee and seeing beautiful, old church right in front of you.

The place is tiny but they managed to get many small tables inside. Almost every chair and table are different but it looks nice, thanks to huge store windows whole place is bright and the view is priceless. I really like the peanut butter brownie they have.

Café Capitale

Café Capitale is the closest to the Grand Place from this list. The place is tiny but cozy. It has the same owner as Café du Sablon and also the feel of the place is similar. They have nice selection of flavored coffees as well as teas, fresh pressed juices, pastry, cakes, sandwiches and salads. I like to get caramel latte with marble cake here.


JAT is a very trendy place always full of people and often times it’s difficult to find a table here. They serve also food so often large group of friends share a brunch there. But they have very good coffee, nice and smiley staff and if there’s no empty table you can always take your coffee to go and enjoy it in close by Parc de Bruxelles. They serve the coffee with tiny coconut kisses which are often enough for my sweet tooth so I usually get unflavored latte here.


We found Charif café and bakery just recently. The place is interesting and has oriental atmosphere. Coffee is good and we were pleasantly surprised by their selection of cakes and pastry as well as the prices (they are on the lower side of what you find in city center). You can also grab a quick lunch here. We tried hazelnut latte and pain au chocolat.

Aksum coffee House

We found this place on TripAdvisor back when we just came to Brussels and were looking for good coffee shop. But only couple of weeks ago we actually made it there. We walked by many times before but it was either full or it was too late for the coffee so one Sunday morning we arrived there right after opening to make sure we will get a table.

In Aksum coffee House they serve organic Ethiopian coffee, herbal teas from Senegal, soft drinks from Côte d’Ivoire etc. Coffee here has really strong flavor and we paired it with a cheesecake.