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August Plans

August Plans

Tomorrow is the 1st of August and half of the summer is already behind us. I had so many plans for this summer but I guess I was little naïve in my planning. I listed plenty of things I would like to do, books to read, places to visit but did less than quarter of it. I’m learning to accept that things don’t always go as we planned them and I appreciate what I managed to do, read, see and experience. And it certainly won’t stop me from planning new things for August ;). Here is the list of things I’m hoping to do in August and if I’ll manage to check off some of my July plans I would be more than happy.

1. Total wellness Summit presented by Food Matters

I first saw Food Matters documentary few years back. Since then I have seen it multiple times and I always find something new and interesting in it. I love that authors of Food Matters and Hungry for Change documentary movies and founders of FMTV, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, host Total Wellness Summit every year. During the 10 days they share documentary movies, interviews with experts and recipes with registered participants for free.

If you would like to join Total Wellness Summit now is your chance. Total Wellness Summit starts at August 5th and I’m positive you will discover some new information regarding healthy living, get inspired to start or get back on track with your healthy habits and enjoy some yoga sessions and meditation exercises and learn delicious plant based recipes. You can register for the event here.

2. The Flower Carpet on Grand Place

Every two years during one weekend in August the Flower Carpet is installed in the middle of the Grand Place in Brussels. This year it will be 20th installation of the Flower Carpet, which will consists of thousands of colorful and nicely smelling begonias. The carpet will be assembled on Friday 12th of August based on the design created by illustrators, graphic designers and landscape architects. The arrangement of flowers is different every year and if you happened to be in Brussels that weekend you should definitely come to Grand Place to check it out. It’s magnificent.

3. Read a book on minimalism

First of all I will need to find a book about minimalism. So maybe the plan for August should be to find and buy the book. But I still hope to accomplish also the reading part.

I have been following Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits for years. He talks a lot about minimalism, mindfulness and forming habits. I really like his personal story, how he transformed and changed his life. He still challenges himself and all his readers by sharing his notes and ideas about all kind of topics. When I think about it now, I will probably start just with reading one of Leo Babauta’s ebook.

4. Pancake boat in Antwerp

We have heard about pancake boat in Antwerp and we plan to finally go check it out in August. We just need to buy a ticket for one hour cruise along Antwerp skyline and while cruising we can eat as many pancakes as we can. I guess it must be very popular with kids and a child in me cannot wait to give it a try.

What are your plans for August? Do you have any fun events or travel scheduled? Share in the comments!