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At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider

At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider

Let’s have a little break from the travel recaps I’ve been doing recently. I have still few more drafted, and hundreds of photos I need to go through. But today I’ll share a book review with you. It’s a book from a fellow traveler, Tsh Oxenreider, called At Home in the World. It’s a perfect summer read on vacation or staycation.

I fell in love with Tsh’s writing a few years back when I first found her blog The Art of Simple. Recently, I read her book Notes from a Blue Bike, and I eagerly await every new episode of her podcast The Simple Show.

When I found out Tsh’s publishing her third book I was thrilled. I pre-ordered it and then waited and waited. As luck would have it, the book was delivered just as we left for our trip to the US. I waited another two weeks to have it in my hands. It was a perfect book to read just after coming back from holiday because, in a way, it extended my travels and exploration of the world.

What is the book about

It’s no secret that in her third book Tsh documents a nine-month long travel around the world she and her family did recently. They started in September in Chine and continued south, all the way to Australia and New Zealand. From there, they flew to Afrika and ended their trip in Europe in June.

In nine months, they visited nineteen or so countries on four continents. They stayed in guesthouses, cheap hostels, friends’ houses, RV, luxurious resort in Africa. They flew in all directions, drove hundreds of miles in rental cars, took a rickshaw, boarded trains, boats, and buses. During their travel, they experienced life in developing countries, as well as in most expensive cities. They experienced the places as local, living for an extended period on outskirts of towns and in the heart of mega-cities.

Tsh’s family traveled frugally, mixing cheaper countries with more expensive cities, to stick to their budget. They didn’t just sightsee; they lived in places, shopped in grocery stores and farmers’ markets as locals do. With an open mind, they tried local foods in restaurants, brasseries and from street vendors but also cooked at ‘home’. As proper travelers, they admired famous landmarks and caught their breath in parks and playgrounds all over the world.

Their main goal was to show their children the world, but also to find their place on earth. They learned a lot about themselves, about them as a family and about a place their hearts claim as home.

Who is this book for

Everyone who loves to see, smell and taste unknown places will enjoy this book. Tsh’s writing can effortlessly transport you to another continent, to an unfamiliar corner of the world. Vivid descriptions and from-a-road stories will paint a picture for you. Tsh’s story will show you that you can feel a thrill of a new experience as well as to appreciate what you have at home.

This is not a book with a bucket list of things to do, places to see, and foods to taste. However, it may inspire you to Google the places and foods Tsh mentions. You might even search for a Turkish restaurant in your proximity or a recipe to try at home. Tsh will show you how she and her husband backpacked the world for nine months, with three kids in tow.

Final thoughts

I finished the book in three days and was tempted to read it all over again. I have visited only a couple of places Tsh was in on their journey, but through her words, I can image them all. My list of places to see is about as long as hers, but I admire her courage and determination to visit them all.

I’m grateful there are people like her. Folks who travel with their children, to show them the world. Who are examples of finding ways to do it, despite what anyone else says. People who share their stories with all of us. Thank you, Tsh!

Who is Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh Oxenreider is the author of Organize Simplicity and Notes from a Blue Bike. She has a well-known podcast The Simple Show and The Art of Simple blog, where she gathers a community of like-minded people. She recently published her third book, At Home in the World, which documents her nine-month-long journey around the world.