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7 Podcasts I Recently Added to My Playlist

7 Podcasts I Recently Added to My Playlist

I shared my four favorite podcasts with you last December. And now it’s time for an update. Ever since I started to listen to podcasts, which was little over a year ago, they became a part of my life. I listen while I run, while I’m on a plane, train, or bus, sometimes while I cut vegetables for dinner, or while I clean the apartment. There are many opportunities and reasons to listen to an interesting talk, discussion, or interview.

I’m always happy when I get a recommendation for a new-to-me podcast. Often, the guests in podcasts I already listen to have their podcasts, or a host of the podcast recommends her new finds. A great thing about starting to follow a podcast that has been around for some time is that you can binge listen to it 😉 With the new ones, I eagerly wait for new episodes.

These 7 podcasts are a recent addition to my playlist. In a way, they are similar, but still different and cover completely different areas. Some are pure fun and I catch myself laughing or at least smiling while I listen. Others are a great source of inspiration and encouragement, through interviews with successful people from different paths of life.

I have yet to find some podcasts in my mother tongue (Slovak) or Czech. I’m sure there are some I just haven’t found them.

Here are the 7 podcasts, plus my favorite episodes of each, if you are not sure where to start to listen 😉

7 Awesome Podcasts

How I Built This

How I Built This is a podcast hosted by Guy Raz. The guests in his podcast are innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and founders of successful businesses and they share how they built their companies and products. I love almost every episode, no matter who’s the guest. I guess it’s because the evident talent of Guy Raz to lead his interviews and pose great questions.

My favorite episodes:

Katie Couric

Honestly, I didn’t really know who Katie Couric is. I recently listened to Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast (see down below my favorite episodes from Anna’s podcast) and loved the episode with Katie Couric, her way of talking and her opinions. I instantly checked her podcast, subscribed and started to listen to episodes. So far these are my favorites:

The Marie Forleo Podcast

I raved about Marie Forleo before (check it out here). I love her Marie TV channel on youtube as well as her website. She started her podcast just recently and she’s sharing audio part of her Marie TV shows which is great because it’s always easier to listen to a podcast than to watch a youtube video.

My favorites from the show are:

The Chris Loves Julia Podcast

DIY, Home Design and Blogging podcast of Chris and Julia, authors of a popular website is released bi-weekly. In each episode, Chris and Julia are joined by their friend Preston Pugmire, the host of the podcast. They talk about all things related to home design, renovation, DIY projects, family, and blogging. They also interview other bloggers and professionals, answer listeners’ questions, and share tidbits of life that will make you laugh.

My favorite episodes are:

Young House Love Has A Podcast

John and Sherry are bloggers, authors, product designers, and podcasters. They are sharing their design and DIY projects, mistakes, and tips. In the podcast, they laugh a lot, play games, and interview other bloggers and home designers. It’ a fun podcast to listen to.

Best episodes:

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

As host of the show Anna Faris sums it up, in this podcast you can get “not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types“. She invites her friends and acting colleagues to talk about relationships, advise strangers, do improvs and generally have a lot of fun. These are all adults, talking about adult things, using adult language (lots of F words).

I love these episodes:

A Couple Cooks

A couple, Alex and Sonja Overhiser, share their love for cooking, tips, recipes and interviews with fellow chefs, recipe developers, authors, and bloggers in their bi-weekly podcast. Listen to their podcast or check their website to get cooking inspiration, delicious food cravings, and pro tips!

My favorite (foods ;)) and episodes:

And now, it’s your turn. What are your favorite podcasts? Share in the comments!