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7 Lazy Sunday Playlists

7 Lazy Sunday Playlists

When we first got our Google Home, I wasn’t thrilled. It was just another stuff to clutter our home. Sure, we can find a use for it. I was sure it’s an awesome piece of technology. And it looks nice, which helps. Still, I wasn’t convinced we really ‘need’ it. And truth to be told, we don’t need it. But it found its place in our home, and we found a use for it, so it stayed. Now, we use it daily.

On most days, the main function of our Google Home is to create a nice atmosphere in our home by playing music for us. We use it whenever we have guests, or even for just the two of us. With a nice music on every day feels nicer and cozier. The speaker on Google Home is really good and we love the sound.

For the last several months we had music playing in the background much more often. It plays in the morning when we get ready for work, in the evening when we chill, when we have friends over for dinner, etc. But I think I appreciate it the music the most on lazy Sunday mornings at home when I have a cup of coffee in one hand, a good book in the other and my feet comfortably on the coffee table.

I recently wrote about cozying up at home where I shared a few tips on how to enjoy upcoming winter months more. I cannot believe I forgot to mention how much can music change in our perception of comfort, relaxation, and calmness.

We have found several YouTube playlists we like very much and which are on rotation in our home. Some of them are instrumental, in others the artists sing. They usually have around an hour, sometimes longer and all of them are calm, relaxing, and motivational.

record player

Our favorite playlists

  1. Upbeat Instrumental Work Music by Live Better Media

  2. Productive Music Playlist by Evan Carmichael

  3. Instrumental Jazz Mix by Atsu Otaki

  4. Morning Guitar Instrumental Music to Wake Up Without Coffee by OCB Relax Music

  5. World’s Most Breathtaking Piano Pieces by The Spirit of Orchestral Music

  6. Morning Motivation by Bryn Madoc Meditation

  7. Jazz & Bossa Nova instrumental Music by Cafe Music BGM channel

Record Player Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash