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5 personal blogs I’ve been reading for years

5 personal blogs I’ve been reading for years

Hello friends, I hope you’re well rested after the weekend and you have a great week ahead of you!

My weekends are usually filled with activities and I have rarely time to read my favorite blogs. On the other hand, my weekdays are pretty stereotyped and I have bits of time here and there to catch up with my favorite personal blogs. They are all inspiring in their own way, uplifting and positive. Great to start the new week in right mood.

It’s not difficult to find a great blog post. But to find a blog which content you read regularly and don’t get tired of it, is not so trivial. Many times I have read a great blog post only to realize that it is the only thing from that blog that resonated with me. Or I followed a blog for some time and grew tired of it. Or the content of a blog changed and I was no longer a target audience. Luckily there are plenty of new blogs to discover and there are also some blogs I have been reading for years and still love them. These 5 blogs I’m subscribed to and eagerly await each new post.

Love Taza

I love New York City. Who doesn’t, right? It is true that I cannot imagine living in NYC but I loved visiting it, love to see pictures of it and hope to go there again someday. I love Love Taza blog where Naomi shares adventures of her family. Naomi, her husband and three kids live in NYC, enjoy city life as well as traveling to new places. Her blog is super positive, has great pictures and makes me eager to travel more. I admire that Naomi isn’t afraid to hop on a plane with three little ones and travel for 12 hours. I imagine it must be difficult, but so worth sharing the experience of a new place with your kids. I like her blogging style, she always seems genuine, real and as if she was telling the stories not writing them.

Daily Garnish

I have been following Daily Garnish blog for more than 4 year. It’s one of the first blogs I started to really follow. And it’s the only blog where I went all the way back and read every post. I found the blog in 2012 when Emily was already blogging for a few years. She was documenting her experience in culinary school, her running and healthy eating. The content of her blog changed over the years but I love her writing style and still enjoy her blog. Until today this is one of my very favorites and I’m always happy to read new post on her blog. She shares her travels as well as family life, running and exercise, recipes etc.

Green Kitchen Stories

David and Luise are a couple living in Stockholm sharing their love for vegetarian cuisine on their blog Green Kitchen Stories. They recently published their third book. Their posts always contain new recipe, but are also filled with bits of their life, travel and family life. The pictures on the blog are stunning and recipes vary from easy, everyday eats to fancy ones.  But since they prepare all in their home kitchen I guess they are all easy to prepare at home. I love that their recipes and pictures inspire me to incorporate more plant-based meals into my diet. I’m delighted (but not surprised) by the success of their blog and books.

In Honor of Design

This is the latest addition to the blogs I follow and I have bean reading it for more than a year. I don’t remember how I found it but I liked it from the first post. Anna, creative soul behind In Honor of Design, shares design, fashion, family and travel posts on her blog. I love her effortless way of styling and designing her home. Since she and her family just moved into their new home I look forward to more beautiful and helpful content in home decor category. She’s also mother of 4 and expecting her fifth baby and shares some stories from this part of her life as well. Her blog is definitely not kids oriented and provides a nice mixture of posts from Anna’s family and creative life.

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is a recipe blog of Angela Liddon. She started it years ago to share her love for vegan food. Her recipes are mouth-watering and tempting. She’s just finishing her second book, and regularly shares new recipes and cooking wisdom on her blog. I love to go through her blog archives to find inspiration for my next day’s lunch, or healthy treat. My favorite recipe from her blog is avocado spaghetti which I changed a bit and shared my version here.

Do you follow any of these blogs? Or what are your favorites? I”m always looking for new blogs to follow.