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4 Podcasts To Keep You Company

4 Podcasts To Keep You Company

Podcasts came to my attention only recently. I was aware they exist but I never listened to any. It also seems that in the last few years everyone – authors, bloggers and online business owners recognized the importance of being heard and seen and many of them started a podcast or a youtube channel.

One by one I found podcasts I like and I listen to them while running, traveling or instead of watching TV. There are podcasts about anything and everything you can think of. I love the podcasts with multiple hosts or podcasts where the host interviews someone the most. It’s interesting to listen to a new blogger, author or otherwise creative person to talk about their work and passion. I’m always curious to listen to people who lead interesting life, participate in noble projects and have interesting opinion, ideas and believes.

If for nothing else, I like to listen to podcasts to broaden my horizons. I’m always curious to learn a bit about day to day life of other people, to discover new areas I never knew or thought about.

I like podcasts that are educational and inspiration, where they talk about things like starting your own business, becoming a writer or changing a career. As well as podcasts that are like meeting a girlfriend for a coffee, where everything from marriage, parenthood, relationships and having a diverse family (e.g. biological and adopted kids from all kinds of backgrounds, countries and cultures) is discussed. And podcasts that make me laugh are the best. Even though people around me must think I’m crazy when I smile and laugh out loud for no apparent reason.

These are four podcasts I currently listen to. They are all interesting, sometimes full of deep thoughts and other times really funny.

podcasts to keep you company

The Simple Show

The Simple Show podcast is a place where Tsh Oxenreider talks with her guests about anything and everything in life. She talks from a perspective of a person who is trying to live her live holistically and she discuss with her guests what it means for them.

I listened to about 40 episodes in two months and since then I have to wait for each new episodes to be released. I enjoyed all episode and I especially liked these:

  • episode 16: Hot Mess with Hummus with Amber and Brady Black
  • episode 21: Neighbor’s Table with Sarah Harmeyer
  • episode 27: Big City Simple Living with Kristen Kill
  • episodes 34, 35, 36 and 37: Travel with Kids (series), with Stephanie Langford
  • episode 42: Routines, Golden Hours, & Makers Schedules with Erin Loechner
  • episode 46: Home Style & Personality with Erin Loechner

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Host of the happy hour is Jamie Ivey loves to connect with other women and talk about everything in life, from simple things to the biggest. Listening to her podcast is uplifting, funny, sometimes serious, entertaining, inspiring, encouraging, real & honest. Jamie has no problem to admit she doesn’t know, never heard of  or doesn’t like something. Most of the talks she has with her friends are something you experienced or can relate to.

Jamie Ivey has been podcasting for years but I only started to listen to her podcast this spring. So until today I listened as far as to episode 85 and there are many episodes I liked. These are the ones I would text a friend about:

  • Happy Hour #22 with Jamie Wright
  • Happy Hour #28 with Lindsey Paschal
  • Happy Hour #36 with Meredith Toering
  • Happy Hour #42 and #43 with Emily Lex
  • Happy Hour #78 with Jessie Artigue

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

This past year, I have seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic everywhere. I bought it recently and just started to read it, but even before the book I started to listen to her podcast: Magic Lessons.

In her podcast Elizabeth Gilbert shares her ideas about creativity and creative process. She says that when she finished the book she wasn’t done with the subject of creativity. So in every episode she connects with fellow creatives and they talk about their struggles, challenges and how to move forward. It’s positively spirited, motivating, challenging and fun to listen to.

So far I only listened to the first season where my favorite episodes were:

  • episode. 3: “The Thing You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You”
  • episode 7: “Sexy, Dirty, Nasty, Wicked”
  • episode 12: Brene Brown on “Big Strong Magic”

The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins

Every week Jeff Goins shares his thoughts about building a portfolio life, finding your life’s purpose, pursuing a dream in his podcast the portfolio life. Most of the episodes are interviews with other authors and I love these the most. His guests talk from years of experience and share ideas and lessons they learned in their businesses, writing and life. They share also struggles they faced and encouragement for fellow creatives.

I still haven’t listened to all episodes, but from what I already listened to, these were my favorite:

  • episode 44: What To Do When It’s Your Turn: Interview with Seth Godin
  • episode 62 How to launch a Professional Podcast on Your First Try (and Get Sweet Revenge): Interview with Jeff Brown
  • episode 71: Making Magic is Less Complicated Than You Think: Interview with Lee Cockerell
  • episode 76: Your Voice is Lauder than Words: Interview with Todd Henry
  • episode 82: The School of Greatness: Interview with Lewis Howes

What are your favorite podcasts? And when do you listen to them? Share in the comments, I would love to find out!